NO to hormones,

YES to horny!

Follow your natural sex drive

with hormone-free birth control.

Natural mood

Your body knows what it needs. Unlike hormonal contraceptives, our natural latex condoms don’t put any mood-altering synthetic hormones into your body. 

Natural libido

Why take libido-decreasing medication every day if you can use The Good Condom and let your natural sex-drive guide you.

Natural latex

What you put in, or on,  your body matters. Our condoms don’t contain any funky ingredients that are harmful to your health. Natural latex is all you need.


The Good Condom

high quality, ultra-thin, natural latex

The condom that’s good for you and the planet.

  • made with the latest technology

  • every condom is electronically tested for maximal security

  • ultra thin (0,055mm) to enhance your pleasure

  • standard size (54mm diameter)

  • lightly lubricated for easy pleasure

Discrete shipping

Secure payment


Ingredients that are good for you!

Our condoms do not contain any funky and unnecessary ingredients that might harm your health or the planet.

We keep the good stuff!

  • Natural latex

  • Cornstarch powder

  • Silicone lubricant

We get rid of the bad stuff!






Why are these bad for me? Read more

No worries, we’re certified!

Officially condoms are a “medical device” and therefore the requirements for safety and quality are very high. Besides the fact that our manufacturers and suppliers adhere to all standard European regulations and requirements, we continuously improve the sustainability of our products by taking care of people, animals and the planet. 

Our condoms are tested and safe to use according to EU legal requirements. No need to worry!

Our rubber plantation producers receive a fairtrade price, which enables them to reinvest back into social projects within their communities.

We don’t test on animals and don’t add animal products to our condoms. Curious to know what makes a condom vegan - read about Casein here.

We reduced the plastic in our packaging and our boxes are made of FSC certified paper.



Ready for some action?


Behind the brand

“All products should be sustainable, healthy and fair.”

We believe all products should be sustainable. If we can make products that reduce the negative impact on your health and the planet whilst creating a positive impact on the people who produce these products, why not?

So we went shopping to decide what product to start with. We looked in supermarkets and drugstores for categories in which sustainable products are missing or underrepresented. Tadaaa, condoms! The idea for The Good Condom was born.

As a new generation is breaking taboos in a public debate on sexuality, gender fluidity and sex-positivity, co-founders Marta and Wieke have set up a brand that embraces diversity, curiosity and openness for sexual experiences. 

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