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What are the signs that I might have caught coronavirus?

The virus spreads through respiratory droplets. So you can catch the virus if an individual with the infection coughs or sneezes in close proximity to you, or you touch an infected surface without realising, then proceed to touch your eyes, nose or mouth.

The most common symptoms of a COVID-19 infection are:

  • A Continuous cough
  • Fever (Shivering and Sweating)
  • Shortness of breath
  • Nausea/Vomiting
  • Loss of Taste, Sense and Smell
  • Malaise/Fatigue

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, or you have recently come into contact with an infected individual, then you may have contracted COVID-19, and so the Antigen PCR swab test is designed to inform you of whether you are currently infected with coronavirus.

Which test should I use?

The COVID-19 antibody test is intended to detect the presence of antibodies, and so inform you whether you previously had coronavirus. So you should use this test if you previously experienced the symptoms listed above and have now recovered. You are advised to carry the antibody test at least 20 days after you experienced symptoms of coronavirus.

Whereas, the PCR swab (antigen) test is designed to inform you of whether you are currently infected with coronavirus.

For Travel and Airline purposes, most providers will just require the PCR Antigen Swab Test. However some may require both. We advise all passengers to check with the up to date requirements through their airline providers and country of destination.

If I am Travelling when should I do the Fit to Fly Test (PCR Antigen Test)?

Again, generally this will vary with different airline providers so please check when your samples need to be taken before your date of departure, to ensure your Covid-19 Travel certification of results is in line with airline and overseas requirements.

Each country and airline will have its own timeframe for when you should carry out your PCR test before arriving to your chosen destination. Once you know the times and dates you can book online with specific times and dates or either give us a call where we can advise you when to have the test booked with us before making your booking.

If I was to order the PCR Swab test to conduct myself, What will I receive with the PCR Antigen testing Kit?

You will receive a self-testing kit, clear detailed instructions on how to undertake the test and finally a pre-paid tracked return envelope for you to send your PCR sample to our affiliated laboratory run by Abbotts Laboratory.

All kits are supplied by the labs and approved by MHRA and are CE certified for quality assurance purposes.

What do the percentage accuracies for the tests mean?

The PCR swab test has a 99% detection rate. This means that it has the ability to identify 99% of individuals who are currently infected by the virus.

The COVID-19 antibody test has a minimum accuracy rate of 97.5%. So it can detect the presence of antibodies in 97.5% - 99% of users who were previously infected by coronavirus.

How will I receive my results?

Results will be released within 24-48 hours from the day your sample is receievd.

This will be emailed on two separate attachments. An official Report and Certificate are sent via email from the Lab and the Test Clinic, recognising the results as negative.

The lab report will certify the date and time the sample was taken, the date and time the sample was processed and the sample identification tracking no. to tarck authenticity of results with the lab in line with airline travel requirements.

A separate letter headed paper by the Test Clinic will also be issued certifying your PCR test was found to be negative.

What should I do if I test positive for COVID-19?

If the results from your PCR swab test reveal that you are currently infected with Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), make sure that you stay at home and self-isolate immediately for 10 days and alert those of whome you have been in contact with in the last 7 days.

Should you receive a positive result, you should visit the NHS website for the most up to date advice on https://111.nhs.uk/covid-19 or call 111

What is the Fit to Fly Test (Travel Test)?

The Fit to Fly test (antigen PCR swab test), works by determining the presence of

SARS-CoV-2 via a PCR. This helps to identify if you are currently active with the virus and so helps to eliminate the risk for other passengers when flying. It is therefore vital in our opinion to have the sample of yours swabs carried out by a trained healthcare professional to ensure the swab is carried out correctly.

Many countries and airline providers are now requesting at least a 72 hour test to be conducted prior to your travels with a medical and laboratory statement issued by an approved providor (PHE, MHRA and CQC approved).

The fit to fly certification serves the purpose of reaching your destination with the assurance that you have been tested negative but also allows you to avoid any quarantine restriction when you reach your destination.

All official Letter headed reports issued by the laboratory, will contain the following: Name provided.
  • DOB.
  • Your Unique Sample identification number.
  • Date of when the sample was taken.
  • Date when the sample of results is released.
  • Type of test done with the type of assay used.
  • Results Status.

Which Airlines does LinkNurse work with to carry out tests for passengers?

Our London based clinic in Harley Street gives us the logistical resources and access to carry out your Coronavirus PCR Swab test done for travel purposes. The results are Medically Certified and are recognized for travel purposes. We work with many travel agencies directly that require medical certifications for overseas Travel and Airline providers. Our services are extended to some of the few following airline providers:

  • Middle East Airlines
  • Emirates Airlines
  • Iran Air
  • Etihad
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Qantas

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